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An invitation to patients, families, caregivers and health professionals - people who care about people who live with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, autism, Aspergers, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, migraines and other brain disorders.

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After playing Where's Waldo for years, and honing your powers of observation, see if you can find and network with SEAR Publications at the following events (below) in 2003 and 2004 --

1. Look for SEAR to share booths with other authors-self-publishers.
2. Ask to see the latest SEAR publications:
    3. Share success stories and progress reports.
4. See if you can contribute your story to the next publication: an anthology of recovery stories, open to people who recovered from mental episodes and brain disorders such as blue moods, attention defficits, thought distortions or pervasive development disorders.
5. Meet and mingle with FOROM Friends of Restorative Orthomolecular Medicine.

FOROM at ISOM 32  Toronto, April, 11, 2003
  • sharing a booth with authors, self-publishers

Book Expo
  Toronto, June, 2003
  • sharing a booth with IPAC (Independent Publishers Association of Canada)

Word on the Street
  Toronto, September 28, 2003
  • sharing a booth with London St. Press, Barry Shainbaum, author of Hope and Heroes: Portraits of Integrity

  Toronto, October 29 , 2003, 7-9 PM     CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
  • in meeting room - upstairs and across the hall from the North York Public Library
  • an orthomolecular discussion group, produced in cooperation with the International Schizophrenia Foundation, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
  • expect to meet consulting naturopath Ray Patarrachia, ND, co-author of Trace Minerals

Whole Life Expo
 Toronto, November, 2003
  • sharing with Helke Ferrie, publisher of Dr. Krop's Healing the Planet, One Patient at a Time

Organic show
 University of Guelph, January, 2004
  • sharing with Helke Ferrie, publisher of Dr. Krop's Healing the Planet, One Patient at a Time

 Vancouver, 2004
  • The 4th FOROM public education evening meeting will have 4 segments:
    1. the film Masks of Madness: Science of Healing about restorative orthomolecular medicine: patients and clinicians
    2. 5 year progress reports from recovered patients who appeared in the film
    3. (a) keynote speaker - Margot Kidder; (b) award of excellence - to Dr. Abram Hoffer
    4. meet the authors; expect to meet up to 10 authors, clinicians and self-publishers

See if you can find SEAR Publications in --
Vitality magazine
  • available free at health food stores in the GTA
  • Check out the June 2003 issue. H Ferrie's report on Nutritional Medicine Today mentions books about restorative mental healthcare
  • Check out the classified ad section for SEAR Publications titles
 Help's Here directory of resources for seniors and caregivers
  • available free at Loblaws and participating pharmacists

If you want to buy SEAR books in the Greater Toronto Area, check out --
 Caversham Booksellers  Harbour St west of Spadina
 Golden Harvest Health Foods  Sheppard Ave. west of Yonge St.
 York Downs Pharamacy  Bathurst Ave. south of Sheppard Ave.
 Intnl Society of Orthomolecular Medicine  16 Florence Ave. near Yonge and Sheppard

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